News Bites.

News around my bookish world -

I just received a lovely children’s book from Nina Clark~


This is very exciting for Nina as it’s the first of many many installments in Lucy’s Wonder Weenie story.  You can find Nina and Lucy here.  Check them out!  This is a self-published children’s series.  I’m totally impressed with the professional look of the print book.

I’ve been reading lots – getting no writing done whatsoever.  I guess between my father’s sudden illness, travel back and forth to help my parents, my own remarkably prolonged bout of influenza/pneumonia/general brain fog I can’t seem to concentrate on any of my, oh, eight or nine WIPs.  Gol durn dang it!

However, I do have some new faves in the indie and not-quite-so indie world of literature:

Greta van der Rol.  I was already aware of this author.  She writes  science fiction and space operas.  Although I’m not a big paranormal romance fan – mostly because many of the more recent books in the genre are just plain silly – I decided to pick up a copy of her paranormal romance, Black Tiger.  I loved it.

Black Tiger

So why did I love it?

1.  Retro in tone.  Heavy on the romance, light on the erotica.  The romance unfolds at a relaxed, tropical, realistic pace.

2.  IR romance – Hunky dark and deep Indian were-tiger meets lonely blond and brainy Aussie doctor.

3.  Setting – Rural India.  How often do you find a romance set in rural India?  And read about squat toilets?  And still think it’s romantic?

4.  Appealing inner tiger – The shifter theme is subtle, not in your face animal.

5.  Intelligent/engaging characters in an intelligent/engaging story told in equally intelligent/engaging prose.  Ms. van der Rol gets all those nagging medical details right.  (I have a thing about accuracy when it comes to medical details.)

6.  A nice suspenseful subplot regarding poachers.

Take a look here.  Ms. van der Rol has just released a new installment in her space opera series too, Morgan’s Return.

I’m currently reading a great book.  It is great.  It is sooooo great.  It is fucking great.  I am loving this book.  And I picked it up on a whim.  I’m a huge fan of the movie, Die Hard, with Bruce Willis.  Huge fan.  I can’t wait to see the latest in the series.  As I read some promo material for the new movie I happened to notice that the book upon which the original Die Hard was based had been re-released – Nothing Lasts Forever, by Roderick Thorp.

 Nothing lasts forever

I gotta be honest.  I had no idea Die Hard was based upon a novel.  I jumped on it.  Downloaded the book immediately.  I swear I cannot stop reading it.  The prose is a little rough, the phrasing awkward, but the story is close to perfect.  If you expect to read a clone or a script or screenplay of Die Hard, forget it.  Nothing Lasts Forever is not Die Hard, nonetheless you can see how the movie evolved from the bones of the story.  If I were you I’d buy a copy.  Right here.

In other news, J.W. Manus has been working her little buns off on this book~



The book is next in my queue.  It’s quite exciting to ponder Eagle Man’s words of wisdom, especially coming on the heels of my recent ghost story… my friend Little Hawk’s invaluable assistance.  If you’d like to learn more about Spirituality for America, here and here. Don’t you love the cover?  Fantastic!

I’m also enjoying three other indie books – one I’d never have looked at if I hadn’t read an interesting review stating that the label YA did the book a disservice – I avoid YA like the plague – The Last Analog Summer, by Fred Limberg.  Another indie, sort of an Austen-esque story, The Taming of Lady Kate, by G.G. Vandagriff.  And a book of humorous essays– It Was Like That When I Found It, by Lorca Damon.

Tomorrow– Gardening Season begins at the Barrett’s.