A Hike with Wild Fungi.

Pretty sure this is a Death Angel. Growing out of an egg. Bad sign.


A cluster of Death Angel mushrooms. Note the egg…

Oyster mushrooms.

Cluster of baby Oysters.

I’m stumped. Literally.

Possibly a blurred image of a Candy Cap. Not certain. Could be Big Foot.

Maybe Witch’s Butter? Along with something else?

Jake and I were hiking at our favorite park.  The mushrooms are everywhere this year.  I will only harvest two types because I can only identify two types with any certainty – True Morels, which are not common here, and Oyster Mushrooms, which are very common.  That’s it.  Nothing else – definitely not those very pretty and very deadly white mushrooms.

*I wouldn’t recommend harvesting and eating any mushroom unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.*

They do make for some lovely photos though.