Home again, home again…

We had a great time.

I learned some new words like ramfeezled and dandypratt.  Oh, and angakok and putti.  This is what vacations are for – playing games and hanging out with the people you love.

And in that vein, the enormity of the tragedy in Connecticut is just now sinking in.  I’m so sorry.

I’d planned to post some photos of our getaway, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.  Julia

Reading Is Sexy!

I saw this bumper sticker today – well, a nicer version of this bumper sticker – but since this is my first attempt at using my paint program I figure you’ll be pretty forgiving!

The bumper sticker is right on, reading is sexy in the same way that a big, alpha, macho shirtless man is sexy holding a little baby against his bare chest is…


Of course hubby saw a bumper sticker today that said:

If you’re this close, my balls are in your face!

I like mine better!

Thanks to all of you who voted for Captured on Happily Ever After Reviews – Book of the Month Contest.  If you haven’t voted, there’s still time…hint…hint…  http://hea-reviews.blogspot.com/p/best-book-contest_30.html

The contest is open until July 8th.

I haven’t yet decided which books to take on my trip to Montana.  Leaving Friday.  May have to take a couple re-reads since my new books haven’t arrived and I’m unlikely to have internet service.  What would you take for your reading pleasure on a ten day vacation?

Ack!  Beauty and the Feast is up for Book of the Month on Dark Diva Reviews!  Do not pass go…vote!  Congrats to my friend Mia Watts, whose book is also up!