Killin’ Time…

It’s hard to concentrate when I’m waiting for a phone call regarding my dad’s surgery date but I have managed to complete a few projects.

I made several big batches of tomato sauce and canned it.

I canned my spicy mustard zucchini relish.

Pickled some peppers, some green beans, some carrots.  Phew!  Wiping the sweat from my brow.

The massive yearly lemon harvest has begun.

Planted my fall root vegetable garden.

I’m still harvesting tomatoes, eggplant, chilies, green beans and celery.

Froze two batches of eggplant parm and a large mushroom lasagna with homemade tomato sauce.

Had to backtrack  a little on the anti-venom injections so I’m going twice a week again.  Annoying.  I took Jake with me today.  Bought him a couple of plain hamburgers from McDonald’s afterwards because he was so patient. It’s getting so he recognizes those Golden Arches when we pass.  A dog who loves drive-thrus.  Who’d a thunk it?