The ineffable joy of Zombie Apocalypse.

Zombie ApocalypseThe past two weeks have fried my brain.  I’ve been in dire need of zombie distraction.  The Walking Dead is a no-go for me – I’m so over it it’s not even a no-brainer.  It’s simply not entertaining anymore.

There I was, sitting on my bed in a daze, channel surfing, which is kind of a guy thing but that’s how desperate I was, when I stumbled across Zombie Apocalypse, a 2011 made for TV movie.  I was really surprised at the quality of the story telling.  The movie got my attention and kept it throughout.  Oh, some of the special effects were hokey, I mean… What zombie movie doesn’t have a few hokey special effects?  On the other hand, most of Zombie Apocalypse was darn good.

What did I like about the movie?  First of all, the acting.  Well cast.  Bravo!  C’mon, how can you go wrong with Ving Rhames?  For another, the interesting ways disparate groups of people from all areas of the country managed to survive.  It wasn’t only the strong, the mean, the vicious, and the crazy sociopaths who survived.  It was those who organized quickly and planned ahead– After an entire season of watching Rick avoid planning on The Walking Dead, I really got behind that.  Organize.  Come up with a plan.  Beat the zombies at their own game.  Check.

The realistic discussions about weapons made a whole lot of sense.  Why waste bullets?  As the characters themselves explain, bullets are scarce and firing a gun attracts more zombies.  The largest group of survivors were all members of an archery team.  Neat twist.  Whoever came up with that little gem was a genius.

I got a kick out of the terminology used by various groups to describe zombies – “The Dead.”  “Zombies.”  “Zombs.”  “Shufflers.”  “Runners.”  It was actually pretty cool.  “Zombs” is a cute nickname for the brainless, don’t ya think?

Zombie Apocalypse contained one thing sorely lacking in The Walking Dead– Hope– even the slimmest thread of hope is better than none at all.

Besides, I didn’t find a single character so vastly annoying I prayed the zombies would eat him/her.  How weird is that?

Authors, take note – doesn’t have to be perfect.  Must be engaging and must have courageous characters.  And hope.  Never underestimate the power of hope.