Wicked Wednesday– Shemar Moore. Need I say more?

Be still my heart!

Be still my heart!

The first time I laid eyes on Shemar Moore was when he starred on The Young and the Restless.  He played bad boy Malcolm Winters.  My mom’s a big Y&R fan.  I was visiting her one summer and this guy stepped onto the set.  My mouth fell open.  I think I drooled.

“Who is that gorgeous hunk ‘o’ man?”

“Oh, that’s Malcolm Winters.”  She tsk-tsked.  “He’s having an affair with his brother’s wife and he got her pregnant but he doesn’t know the baby is his.  I don’t like him.”

“Who cares?  He’s pure eye candy.  Nummy num numssssssss.”

He’s now on some cop show… I don’t know which one because the only sort of cop show I watch is Person of Interest. I just like to look at pictures of Shemar Moore because he is so dang pretty.

His website:  http://shemarmoore.com/

Isn't he just the prettiest thing you've ever seen?

Isn’t he just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?

Oh, by the way, My Everything and Beauty and the Feast are $.99 this week!


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15 Responses to Wicked Wednesday– Shemar Moore. Need I say more?

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    I’m a big Y&R fan and remember when Shemar debuted. Oh he’s so yummy!

  2. Tom Stronach says:

    Sheesh, I’ll pass on this one ladies but now I know why Ishbel watches CRIMINAL MINDS – That’s the other one Jules


    and by the way Jules my tummy is heading in that direction just about to hit an even 18 stone, down from 19st 10lbs last month and that’s before treatment starts just think how skinny I’ll be with my washboard then LoL

  3. Jaye says:

    I want pictures, Tom.

  4. Roberta says:

    Talk about your eye candy:

    Jeffrey Donovan of Burn Notice makes me wish I was 32 again. *sigh* Hey…..I am 67 not dead!

    And then of course there is, as you mentined, Jim Caviezel of Person of Interest.

    Shemar of Criminal Minds is not bad either.

    Then there is my new hubba hubba guy – Nathan Fillian of Castle.

    So much eye candy; so little time. :)

  5. Thanks for the pictures. You’ve got good taste, lady. And speaking of good taste, I loved Beauty and the Feast.

  6. Thank you, Stephanie! :)

  7. Ah Roberta – I love the Nathan Fillion of Firefly. He was so amazing in that role!

  8. Me too, Tom. I’m with Jaye – pics!

  9. Ah, Criminal Minds, that’s it! Thanks, Tom. Oh gosh, I think I want Mr. Fat with washboard abs!

  10. He is yummy, Amber. I don’t watch but I am aware of some of the big stars who’ve come out of Soaps – like Julianne Moore.

  11. Tom Stronach says:

    You two, Jules and Jaye are incorrigible, Ishbel has already started rubbing my …..oh ne’er mind

  12. Uh, excuse me Tom, we’re incorrigible? ;)

  13. Sandra Cox says:

    “Prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.” You’ve got that right, sista.

  14. He is pretty, isn’t he Sandra.

  15. Ray Plasse says:

    How come I can’t make a comment on your Angel Food post???? I love it with Strawberries and whipped cream! I have no comment on Shemar Moore! NO!!! I really don’t! >^<