True Grit.

Go.  See.  It.  This may be my favorite Coen brothers movie since…oh, I don’t know…Raising Arizona.  Go see True Grit.  The original version with John Wayne and Kim Darby doesn’t even exist when you’re sitting in the theater watching Jeff Bridges in perhaps his finest roles, Matt Damon as you’ve never seen him, and the occasionally mumbling, but surprisingly affecting, Hailee Steinfeld.  Gripping.  True Entertainment.  I ordered the novel, True Grit, by Charles Portis.  I’m really excited to read it.

Other news – working on the sequel to Captured, a new romance-suspense that is driving me bonkers, and the post apocalyptic/dystopian blah blah blah…

A confession.  Hanging my head in shame because I am a failed environmentalist.  I know I should not drink bottled water.  I know it.  I swear.  But I hate the taste and smell of chlorine.  Our tap water, because it comes from a very muddy source, is loaded with chlorine, especially in the winter.  Gags me.  Hubby said that’s baloney.  He read an article claiming that there is no difference in taste between filtered tap water and bottled water.  So we did a taste test.  I left the room while he poured six glasses of water.  Three contained filtered tap water, three bottled water.  Only he possessed the master key because he is the keymaster!  We left the house for an hour and when we returned, I tasted all the water and wrote down my answers – for each glass, I wrote down either tap water or bottled water, and…I could tell the difference.  My answers were correct.  Failed environmentalist.  Me.  I do recycle the bottles religiously.

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15 Responses to True Grit.

  1. amber skyze says:

    I just saw the previews for True Grit and want to see it. We have a water filter on our fridge and I use that. I confess to drinking bottled water too, but I do recycle them! :)

  2. Penelope says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie…yee haw!

    Why don’t you get a Belmont Springs water cooler in the kitchen…drink that? We used to have one until the kids were little and started playing with the nozzle and pouring water all over the kitchen floor.

  3. Stephanie says:

    We have a reverse osmosis filter for the kitchen and my mother’s room b/c she drinks cups of water from her room when she is here. Our arsenic was high. Before that we had to put in a pool type back wash tank . That got most of the sulfur taste/smell out. But compared to almost anywhere else our water is amazing. You could get the cooler or you could get the water in the larger fridge tapped bottles.

  4. Julie L says:

    I saw True Grit on Christmas Day, and I must admit, I was less than thrilled with it. *ducking* I felt the relationship between Rooster and Maddie could have been a bit more fleshed out and elaborated on, making his race to get her to a doctor more poignant and worthy. Just another scene or two between them could have done that. Something just felt lacking there. I also felt some parts could have been edited out, for instance, the courtroom scene in the beginning went on way too long and frankly, I missed John Wayne (but I’m a big John Wayne lover!) I did like Matt Damon, and I thought the young actress as Maddie was superb. Still, it’s not my favorite Coen brothers movie, my favorite is the one with George Clooney, the name escapes me at the moment. Something bibilical sounding.

  5. I do have to agree about the courtroom scene – unnecessarily long. No need to duck! Yes, I did notice a few things here and there, but in my mind, the Coen brothers have redeemed themselves from their recent movie…oh what was it…it made me want to throw myself off a cliff – A Serious Man. I loved Matt Damon in this movie – he’s never disappointed me!

  6. Steph – I have one in my fridge, but I can still taste the chlorine.

  7. Penny – Used to have one of those, but I kept dumping them on the floor. It’s okay, I think I’ll continue to be politically incorrect. The water in Montana is amazing! I’ll move to Montana!

  8. Amber – it’s a good movie. Now I have to see Tron Legacy!

  9. Ciara Knight says:

    I’ve never heard of True Grit, but after reading this I’ll look it up. Thanks for sharing your love for it.
    I drink bottled water when I’m out. I don’t link water fountain or restaurant water. Yuck! I can take our filtered water, but when I go home to visit Florida the chlorine is awful. Can’t drink it. Glad you recycle! :)

  10. sandracox says:

    We went to see it and there was a lot of things I liked but it stressed me when Blackie was rode into the ground and when Matt Damon wailed on her with a stick.

  11. Ciara – I’ll let you know how the book is.

    Spoiler alert: Sandra – I cried because I knew that would happen. The Matt Damon thing seemed pretty realistic for the times, as did the other event, I guess.

  12. Kristal Lee says:

    True Grit has been on my TBW list, but we usually wait for the DVDs to come out on Netflix. Our movie going fell victim to the recession. Sigh!

    As for the water dilemma, have you tried those flavored vitamin additives or on-the-go packs from Crystal Light? I put those in my cup when getting filtered water from the fridge door.

  13. Hi Kristal! Thanks for stopping by. We usually do Netflix too, but for once I really wanted to go to a movie. Water? Like it plain. :)

  14. I can’t wait to see True Grit!
    Tron Legacy was amazing-I loved it. The CGI version of Jeff Bridges as the evil Clu is just too handsome! Thank you Disney.
    Thank god for my water filter because our drinking water comes from a mineral-loaded lake and it’s disgusting after a heavy rain storm. You can almost taste the cow pats that washed down stream…
    One of the very best Coen Brothers movies is “Brother Where Art Thou?” loved it. The dialog alone makes it a masterpiece.
    XXOO Kat

  15. I’m looking forward to Tron – that’s my next must-see movie!