No Football? Are you effin’ nuts?

And that’s all I have to say about that. Working hard on Incorporeal!  Maybe by next week I’ll have a blurb for you!  love, Julia

Oh – tomorrow a photo of my amazing prize from Karen at Mignardise!

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10 Responses to No Football? Are you effin’ nuts?

  1. Delilah Hunt says:

    Ooooh, blurbs are always fun. Glad to see it’s coming along well. Is there a different feel to writing this since it’s on your time and you don’t have to think about publishers?

  2. amber skyze says:

    Looking forward to your blurb….

    Yes, it will be crazy if there’s no football this year.

  3. I’m so happy you found a little time to work. I think Incorporeal is going to be great! I know this spring has been challenging, but in the end you’re going to have a lot to show for your efforts.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Thanks, Kat! My dang comments shut off so I just realized people are commenting! I hope Incorporeal turns out well.

  5. Thanks, Amber! Yeah, no football? Insanity!

  6. Yes, Delilah, there is. For one thing, I can make this less erotic and more old time romance. For another, I can mix and match a bit more, cross-genres. I like it!

  7. I don’t watch it so I don’t miss it….Sorry for all the fans..I know people are mad…

  8. Savannah – my hubby will go a little nuts if they don’t settle. He loves Fantasy Football.

  9. sandra cox says:

    Looking forward to Incorp.

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