Why Oh Why Don’t Men Listen???

Look, I know it’s stupid and illogical and I know I’m overreacting, and he did clean the mouse poop out of the cabinet– wearing gloves and a mask, but when he asked me, “Where do you want me to put the containers?”

I replied, my answer unequivocal, “Set them in the sink.

Set them in the sink…  

A clear and concise statement if I ever heard one.

So why, when I came back inside, did I find the containers, which had been touching mouse poop and pee (and therefore potentially harboring Hanta Virus) stacked on my kitchen counter, on my CUTTING BOARD, and leaning against lemons, avocados and the coffee carafe?

Tell me why?

Horrified, I asked, “Why did you stack them here?”

He said, “Cuz you told me to.”

I gritted my teeth so I wouldn’t screech. Instead I said, “I said set them in the sink.”

While the chances of contracting Hanta Virus are probably one in a million, that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want a single molecule of mouse poop or mouse pee, not even a smidge, on my counter top or on my CUTTING BOARD or touching the food we eat.

Thank god for a full container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

Now… somebody better hold me back because I am so tempted to fwaap him with a wet mop.  In his defense, he did go out and buy a humane mousetrap.  And set it up for me.  And he says he’ll release the mouse if we catch it.




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29 Responses to Why Oh Why Don’t Men Listen???

  1. Tim Dittmer says:

    I thought mouse droppings were supposed to be good for you.

  2. Holy moly, Tim! You’re as bad as my husband! ;)

  3. Mat Nastos says:

    Was he at least in the vicinity of the sink? If so, I think it counts…

  4. Well Mat, let me think… He was close enough to the sink to reach up and set everything IN the sink rather than on top of my cutting board. Thus I deducted many points! :P

  5. Amber Skyze says:

    He did exactly as he heard…men hear what they want to! :)

  6. Penelope says:

    You’re setting up a humane mousetrap? You’re so PC! ;^)

    Once, when my kids were really little, they starting screaming in the living room. “Mom! Mom! There’s a mouse!” and I totally ignored them. “It’s just a stuffed animal.” “No, Mom, it’s real!”

    I strolled into the livingroom and found a mouse sprinting across the floor. My dachshund Rudy totally ignored the little bugger until it RAN INTO HER. (Stupid mouse). Then she looked down, grabbed it in her mouth and shook it until drops of blood flew all over my living room rug.

    My children are still in therapy.


  7. Diana Stevan says:

    Mouse poop, never good. You gave me a chuckle. Thanks for that. As for your dear husband, in his defense, he’s only human. I don’t think it’s a male thing. There’ve been times when I don’t listen as well. I think it depends whether I’m focused on something else at the time. Then it’s hard to crowd anything else into my little brain.

  8. Jaye says:

    The words the old man most hates to hear: “Please explain to me why…”

    Oddly enough, he never has a good answer. It’s a guy thing.

  9. I think we must be extra clear..Sometimes men hear but don’t really listen..

  10. You’re right, Savannah – men hear but don’t really listen. ;)

  11. Funny, Jaye. It’s the male brain. Shuts down but doesn’t realize it has shut down.

  12. Hi Diana – I don’t actually dislike mice but there is some reason to be concerned about Hanta Virus out here. I tend to listen or ask – “What did you say? I wasn’t listening.” I think my husband is very good at tuning me out. Does that mean I talk too much?

  13. Oh Penny… Ack! Horrors! And yet so funny at the same time. Dachshunds are made to be varmint killers!

  14. Funny Amber. Yes, I suspect that’s what he did hear.

  15. JackieW says:

    I’m surprised he asked you where to put them in the first place…most guys would have just sat them on the cutting board anyway. Haven’t laughed so much at a blog in a long time…made my morning.

  16. You’re so right, Jackie. He did ask. That does count for something! :)

  17. Our old house was mouse, and occasionally chipmunk ridden. Once, removing a sheet rock ceiling a bushel of dried mouse poop fell on Don’s head, scattering like BBS. In the same remodel we learned that mice are like lemmings in that they will follow each other over the end of a soffit into a wall void. We shop vac’ed about a two foot pile of mouse skeletons out of that.
    Then, while building this house we lived in the oldest house in Portland. I’ll just say, the cats really enjoyed that one.

    I could go on. I won’t tho’.

  18. I also found a chipmunk sitting on one of the cats’ tails while she slept. I made Don come home (he didn’t work in Boston then) to catch it. I think men hear what they want and see what they want. Don is able to completely ignore dishes or dirt on a counter top.

  19. Horror story, Steph! What a nightmare. I bet your cats liked to house. Too bad my current cat has zero interest in mice.

  20. hubby says:

    1 in 10 million tops.

  21. I had a mouse on my counters two winters ago. Three winters ago, I had a mouse who died in the house. It smelled terrible, so I put out some less than humane traps, which got some of his cousins, and made me feel terrible.

    I decided that this mouse could be reasoned with and I spent the whole winter putting out crackers and water for him. He didn’t get on my counters and if I forgot the crackers for a day, he would come find me, give me a look and then run back to the basement. I’d resupply the crackers and all was well.

    I had hoped he would leave in the spring, but it turned out he had been a she and decided to have mouselettes. I eventually used a live trap and released them into the wild. It made me sad.

    I now have an exterminator who places traps and uses all sorts of WWIII grade chemicals to stop them from entering my house. I still feel bad,because I know that there are lost of mice dying at the exterminators hand, but alas, it was them or me.

  22. Hi Brian. I am quite schizophrenic when it comes to mice. My daughter raised two pet mice, Chocolate and Skunky, who, in turn, bred many little mice. We loved Chocolate. As far as mice go, he could be compared to the Albert Einstein of mice, and we were very sad when he died. I’m quite certain he got to move up the food chain and was reborn as our cat, Norman, who has since died as well.
    However, I’m not fond of wild mice in my house even though I do think they are very cute. It’s not all that cold here. They can live under my deck or in my woodpile.

  23. Tom Stronach says:

    Why is it you women make a mountain out of a mouse hill, sheesh, get a grip woman will ya, poor Oscar and he’s probably still weak and disoriented from his illness…..

    Oscar, just ignore her mate, she’ll be fine once the yellow jackets go in to hibernation!

  24. Hey Tom – you men stick together, don’t you!

  25. Hmm. Next time be ultra-specific. “Put them all in the bathtub.”
    You could even add, “Then fill the tub with hot water, pour in 3 cups of bleach, and leave them there to soak.” (Or you could do that–or something better–to the contents of the tub.)
    Guys need very specific, step 1, step 2, so on “requests.”
    Jim worked in a hospital during college, so he is sooo much more careful and procedural than I am. But my dad, bless his heart, needed very careful, detailed steps for anything beyond making really good business decisions. My mom usually just sighed and did things herself. Oh, wait…maybe that’s why he pretended he couldn’t do it…

  26. You’re right, Marylin… step by step. That’s where I went wrong. I should have filled up the sink, poured in some bleach – he would have paid attention.

  27. anny cook says:

    When we lived in Chicago we had a mouse family that came out each evening to watch television with us. The rest of the time they lived in the apartment upstairs. Obviously, we were watching better TV programs…

  28. Anny, that is one of the funniest stories I’ve heard! Thank you! :P